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Edgar Morin and the mission of teacher

writes Edgar Morin, education is more than one function or profession.

"The functional nature of the course the teacher reduced to a mere employee. The professional nature of teaching leads to reduced teacher expert. Teaching must become no longer only a function specialization, a profession, but a task of public health: a mission. A mission
transmission certainly requires skill, but also requires, in addition to a technical art.
It requires no manual that explains, but that Plato had already indicated as a prerequisite of each course, eros, which is at the same time, desire, pleasure and love, desire and pleasure to pass on his love for knowledge and love for students. Eros can be kept at bay pleasure linked to power, to the benefit of the pleasure-related gift. This is what first may arouse desire, pleasure and love of the student and the student.
Where there is love, there are problems that career, salaries for the teaching of boredom. The mission
evidently supposed faith, in this case the faith in the culture and possibilities of the human mind.
The mission is therefore very high and difficult, as expected, at the same time, art, faith and love. Eros, mission and faith are the secular trinity of the recursive loop, in which each feeds the other end.
recapitulate the essential features of the mission as a teacher:
- to provide a culture that allows to distinguish, in context, globalize, to address the multidimensional problems of global and fundamental
- prepare minds to respond to the challenges that poses to the human knowledge increasing complexity of problems;
- prepare minds to address the uncertainties, continues to grow, not only by informing them on the uncertain and unpredictable history of the universe, life and humanity, but also supporting the strategic intelligence and bet for a better world;
- educating for human understanding between near and far;
- teaching affiliate ... its history, its culture, citizenship and start the Republican affiliation to Europe;
- teach citizenship Earth by teaching humanity in its unity and its anthropological individual and cultural diversity, as well as in his community fate characteristic of planetary era, in which all humans are compared with the same problems of life and death.
The five educational goals are tied together and must feed on each other (well done to the head which gives us the ability to organize knowledge, the teaching of the human condition, life apprenticeship, apprenticeship uncertainty, Citizenship Education). They should inspire the rebirth of culture through the connection of the two cultures (humanistic and scientific) and contribute to the regeneration of secularism and the rise of a cognitive democracy. "

(From Edgar Morin, "The head well done" Routledge)


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