Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Thursday, December 9, at 18:30, at the Urban Center of La Spezia, kicks off "Storytellers . The authors and the story drawn. " The exhibition dedicated to comics and graphic novels created under the auspices of the Institution for Cultural Services of the Municipality of La Spezia, a project of the Cultural B52.

Storytellers stems from a desire to understand and investigate the "stories drawn."

What today seems to be publishing the new discovery, the graphic novel or graphic novel, attracts a growing audience of readers, gaining space in newspapers and magazines, some time ago were unthinkable. Hence the significance of this initiative, which is unrelated to the market, but at the meeting and discussions with authors, storytellers in fact, the "storyteller."

Are lost in the epic figures in mind, the bards, the storytellers, the troubadours. An ancient craft, as well as the graphic. New authors are appearing on the scene and address important issues related to our country, from history to chronicle the costume. The initiative began with four players who received major awards for their work. David Reviati that with Dead Sleep (Coconino Press) gives rise to an impressive novel of formation, in which the child runs through endless games of football and life in a village in the shadow of an oppressive Eni petrochemical. Marco Ficarra in Stalag XB (Beccogiallo) addresses the issue of military internees during the Second World War. Andrea Campanella, who with Gietz! (Tunué), designed by Hannes Pasqualini, throws us in the mid-'50s, following in the footsteps of a young trumpeter province who wins a place in the sun through a path made of obstinacy and passion.

Storytellers also presents a sequential narrative of the great Italian, Paolo Bacilieri, able to switch between serial products such as Napoleon or Jan Dix (Sergio Bonelli Editore) which works autorali Barokko, Porno Supermaso and Zeno, who have imposed at world. Other graphic talent is Sergio Ponchione (Grotesque, The Obliquomo-Coconino Press) that was able to read in the original key personnel and the lesson of the underground U.S. of Weird Tales, Zap, and others.

Of note two other guests of the event: Stephen Fantelli, writer and playwright, Dario and Viotti, a young designer to first professional experience. Fantelli Viotti and signed with El Brujo grand hotel (Cut-up editions), a book edited by Gianfranco Staltari, a graphic novel light-hearted and ironic that reinterprets the fantastic in the light of everyday life.

The exhibition runs through four events: Thursday, 9 to 18:30, Friday 10 to 17:00, Saturday 11 to 17:30 and ends Sunday, December 12th at 17:30 and will be held at the Urban Center (Via 45 Fazio, La Spezia.
Leading, Andrea Plazzi, essayist, translator, editor and Andrew Campanella, author and screenwriter. Speeches Fantelli Stefano, Fabio Nardini, Gianfranco Staltari.


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