Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thick Brown Mucus When Period Was Due

The Anthology Tgcom

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At worst there is no end

In the week when it was stolen the coffin of Mike Bongiorno on Tgcom discover what an amazing book disbanded, "the long goodbye." The ability to write obituaries online as a gentle homage to our departed loved ones. In short, the democratization of crocodiles. Has never had a regret for not being famous enough to merit a (eh?). This is further evidence that we can not rest easy even after death. Except for the poor Baudo he'll be spending hours of hell in indecision about what to fear most.
I just do not add much to share as introduce the service in comparison obituary dada mobile ringtones are a thing of beauty and good taste:

The salute to those who passed away

For Native Americans (and Fabrizio De Andrè who made a song) the green pastures of heaven "are the place where, after a life of suffering, we can finally find happiness. They are, in fact, that paradise in which all hope: rich and poor, good and bad, once gone to a better life there is no difference. Death, in the words of Toto, is 'A' level, "because it makes it all the same. Even Tgcom, therefore, aims to pay homage all the dead: not only those who in life were "important", but also the less known, or perhaps totally unknown.
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