Monday, October 4, 2010

Point Up In Underwear

KNOW THAT ...... oddities and curiosities about the parrots: The KEA

I would start writing some posts on the oddities of some parrots, that's what happens, and perhaps not imagined, in the world of Psittacidi .....

The parrot "night" or the KEA Nestor notabilis , is a parrot that lives in the mountains of New Zealand, is also called "feathered wolf" because it seems to attack the sheep pushing them to jump from the cliffs to feed their liver, another nickname is "clown Mountain" this nickname was given to his playful habits.
Another peculiarity is its nesting that occurs between the roots of trees, or between the cracks of the rocks, in short, this bird prefers to live on land rather than on the tops of the trees.
And one more curiosity comes from the polygamy of men who come to have even four females for mates (usually parrots are monogamous animals).


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