Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Van Gogh Painting Of Sunflower On Cost

KNOW THAT ...... oddities and curiosities about the parrots: The Pullara

The agapornis Pullara, or Agapornis Pullarius, is one of nine species of lovebirds, lives in Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda, but has a feature not common to other .... makes its nest in termite mounds.
The female digs a tunnel in the termite nest, which ends with a room that will be the nest itself.
What you can not understand is how the termites, usually very aggressive toward intruders who want to sneak in their nest, willingly accept this small parrot, Legend has it that a "thank hospitality" the Pullara, finished weaning the chicks, leaving a termite egg and the last of the chicks.
in captivity is very rare, because of the difficulty of acclimatization and because I could re-create the ideal conditions for nesting is not a simple thing. The termite mound
maintains, in fact, a constant temperature even when the mother moves away from the eggs, or small, in captivity has proven to be the female in a nest box with the cork that the female digs just like a termite mound, but the problem is the dust that small breathing during growth, this dust created by the female for realization of the chamber, causing the inevitable death of children.


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