Monday, October 4, 2010

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KNOW THAT ...... oddities and curiosities about the parrots: The Kakapo

To continue to tell the "oddities" in the world I want to talk about the kakapo parrot, or Strigops habroptilus.

This is the heaviest parrot is the only existing and not being able to fly, its wings are too short and his sternum is not suitable for flight, has a size of about 60 cm and can weigh up to 4 kg, lives in New Zealand, and is a bird of nocturnal habits.

Its wings have become a means to keep his balance as he walks to riceca leaves representing his diet, his plumage is much softer than the "common parrot, his legs have claws that allow him to have a very firm grip to be able to climb trees.

Another characteristics of Kakapo is described as the smell flowers and honey, or the inside of an old violin case.

... Another curious mating: males during the breeding season (which usually live solitary), up to 50 people, come together in what are called LEK, and show off their colors then they hide in burrows in the ground and emit audible prompts up to 1 km, the females choose the most beautiful person, no struggle between the males.
The couple does not tighten any connection except that for mating, after mating the female leaves the male builds a nest where he will lay aside their eggs, the male will remain in its territory, trying to seduce other women.

Spawning by this charming bird is tied to the Rimu tree fruit production, when this tree produces fruit in abundance, the kakapo happen again and this happens every 4-5 years.

A couple of the berries of the tree with Rimu:


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