Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Invitations Short

The will allows you to reach each goal, failure is not covered.

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
is no longer the 1984

Beautiful spot for Motorola Xoom mandate during Super Bowl with a direct reference to Apple's 1984 spot . It is no longer 1984, but little has changed short we are all automata with earphones white subjects of Jobs. I never saw the Super Bowl and I do not know the rules of football, yesterday I was curious but I have seen Inter-Roma but it is certain that the commercials that go into the Super are really better than the other one. Demonstration that against a wide audience, therefore a real opportunity to make a difference, there is increasing effort. Even the Chrysler commercials with testimonial Eminem is a bit 'rhetorical but fuck. Now blaze controversy over $ 9 million he has spent Marchionne for the passage of a spot of 2 minutes, but cabbage is willing to buy only things in Detroit. It to be like for Fiat in Turin with Subsonica maybe would not have given precisely the same effect. Especially for the phrase "failure is not covered" better then the motto "always believe never surrender" of Ventura.


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