Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telephone Wire Burial Grade

There is no more than once Vasco (Eh. already ..)

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
Oh yeas

When we talk of "Blasco" , fans and the fans go wild, splitting between angry detractors with their favorite and enthusiastic praise for the new works of singer / songwriter from Emilia. The new single Vasco Rossi, Yeah has definitely puzzled many of his fans, literally unleashed on your network, mainly on YouTube, where he posted the video of his new job. The video on Youtube first obscured then rehabilitated, he triggered the wrath of fans, as evidenced in the numerous comments in mind: some say that Vasco Rossi has virtually "sold" , tracing the exploits of artists like Gigi D'Alessio (unattainable), while others simply speak the text incomprehensible, or even music pitiful. Despite all this controversy is the song topped the iTunes charts and I like his facebook page only increase, especially after all despite the video. Green background that sometimes glimpse in the park, striped shirt does not help that news of the century the figure felpone and hands in his pockets, his hair like a bad memory and the final effect of home-made video with your mobile phone from a relative in a boring afternoon, midway between the I did not want to spend more than € 4 and the "I'm a rock star but a simple person. "But the insane found to cause reactions are: the move with the act of combing the eyebrows fuck 8 times in the video. This is beyond the fact that in the text for 30 seconds it comes up down up down up down that not even Merlin but Vasco rockstar are you? found this sad Why? And in the end as he sings that is still here is just to think that maybe I was not there anymore. The rock stars should die young, or at least have the courage to withdraw money to enjoy a nice career of beautiful songs. C 'is a time to retreat in all careers as models for players and politicians, oh no no than sorry. From Vasco do not send me in that country much less by the vague, so do you laugh at yourself that was just another story than this thing. Oh yeas.


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