Monday, February 7, 2011

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I've seen things you people ...

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
L ' essential is invisible to the eye

When you do an interview, usually whoever wants to be taken is in version 2.0 to make a perfect automaton good impression and who is seeking the release Freud to understand the personality of the person in front of him. Very ambitious goal given the time and classical applications. Unless one lives in has done something as crazy as the Tibetan Monaco to try himself or the undertaker, us young people that we look at the agency must disclose in those few minutes all very similar. According to me in the end we simply understand that we are not just crazy and then cross your fingers on the heels of a good feeling to skin. At the first interview of my life I was told that I could be fine for a second interview because of the answers a bit 'absurd. I thought back to every word I said and still do not understand what was so absurd. After much thought, without come to understand anything I've come to the conclusion to be absurd to the last, truly absurd. Of course then it was over there with that conversation. They were obviously ready.

An underrated talent in the search for a partner instead discretion. Dote useful in office den of snakes ops rumors and gossip, I for example I have in my CV to be able to keep secrets are surprising to say that Donna Draper months.

Try This series of spots of Oslo for the Norwegian Association for the Blind is a very nice way for me to direct and promote the recruitment of non- blind. Especially the latter combining the power to issue and does not hide behind the pietism of the blind or otherwise unlike anything that has a disease. Here I have given you I'm good but I also know to be quiet. Cabbage, however, now that I think it looks like the mafia or even this statement is just absurd. Unlike absurd.


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