Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cover Or Uncover Lasagne During Baking

lovers, kisses

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
If you love me, shut up

Spot Valentine's Day 2011 Baci completely different from the line classics dull spots for photography, music and lyrics by Armando Testa. I crossed on TV and having heard the words I was filled with a sense of admiration for the author copy of the text.

I guys who love kissing standing
against the gates of the night
and pedestrians who pass them pointed at
but the guys who love there are no
they are much farther elsewhere the night
much more high of the day
in the bright glory of their first love.

I thought this thing and I was convinced that yes it is the job I want to do. Needless to say the sense of frustration when I discovered that the text is Jacques Prévert. I found a really great copy ... sgrunt. In fact, the gates of the night seemed already heard. But that can not write any side that is Prévert? At least one is puts the soul in peace and bring the aspiring poet. Beautiful music also seems to be the first arrangement of Forever Young Youth Group rearranged but who knows ... However it would be nice if you write in the name of the place spot, the song name or the citation. Become an educational tool. Ok, I'll stop things that are only interested in me in the world. Maybe.


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