Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Many Wi-fi Connections Can A Router Handle

You forget Oliviero Toscani Do not touch my car

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
Nothing hearts prefer that your blood sugar level stand up because of the chocolate

If you hated Valentine's Day it is even more publicity to promote the useless party. In that regard, here is a provocative new campaign for Valentine's Day. The idea is to use a vulgar immortalized in a testimonial vulgar gesture that is still nothing compared to the vulgarity of the chronicles. A gesture which "gives voice to women who rebel against the stereotype of careless and superficial, which is reminiscent of having a woman at his side until the day of Valentine." Ehhhh?

Valentine's Day is a celebration of the cabbage, after what has happened to Berlusconi that for a bit 'of loneliness due to the unfortunate occurrence to a single ended ( maybe) pay Ruby should now be clear to all ...
campaigns are now saying enough to claim the role of women in society and after saving children with strokes of cartoon images of the profile we now feel with the women of the past and claim that "no, we are all whores." Come on? Too bad with all that then put a lot of originality Rita Levi Montalcini. We are not just whores are very trivial. Perhaps also a pity that what escapes is that you should all be ashamed of its own and even perhaps for the first before the men with poor Ruby 5 million in 18 years (plus the new spot for Marra to 100,000 euro) to become a positive symbol and between a few years end up as an image profile youth against poverty.

However, the direction of the campaign if you had not realized is (according to them): "The message of great impact is that love is not an anniversary but it's forever," they wrote those S'Agapò Love with a capital but I refuse as much as the new thing to write "point". All these messages I honestly do not see them in this campaign than see a former gieffina raising his middle finger in a written S'agapò which translated means I love you with written under "who does not love us happy Valentine's Day" that if your they wanted to they could write provocative "Who does not love us for Valentine's Day ... a good journey."


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