Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Man Genital Warts

If you write long

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
Poldini and John's story (it bbbellissima)

In network had great success with a network viral 2,300,000 views very romantic letter signed by John 3 young boys of Jack Mardegan David, 26, director, Clemente De Muro 26 years, copy, Nicholas Dal Corso, 28 years old producer ...

then he is so loved that spot has become the Italian Post Office. It took a bit 'eh is to say ... but in the end came the reply Poldini (why Poldini poor child this name?). A bit ' less romantic than he replied that among the guys who knows what she likes to steal the apple for snack. Bah. If he writes that the tastes of cabbage last. And sooner or later comes the letter. More then ever before.

So she likes the boy with yellow hair I - one that I really like - I want you to want me. Constantly, desperately, breathlessly. I think that I breathe, I eat even when it bites an apple. What you find in me the desire to do anything, it stops, blocked on a memory of us together. That can not wait to see me. Write me, call me, send me e-mail, even all together, simultaneously, why not? He gave me books because I read them (a little 'hoping that I really read them and a little' afraid that will not love them as Christ loved them). What are some excuses to call me just to hear my voice. What are excuses for not calling me to prove that she can well do without me, but then respond with a "ready" which is a given, when at last I call it. I want to tell me all about himself (because I just never heard of) and I want to look into my eyes remain silent without having nothing more to say. All this, if I really like. If not, I break the balls in the second text message in three days. But they're right you want bring the beauty of a handwritten letter written against an sms with the t9? Even that, however dear Freckles if you write it lasts.


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