Monday, February 21, 2011

Sample Dental Office Letters

It 's the future

Alternative title for the discerning customer who wants to choose from:
It 's the future?

New testimonial commercials with George Clooney for Fastweb Fibra100 this time. After having lent her face to the Nespresso dear George went to telephony. The first spot was not very convincing him down the plane and was greeted at the airport by people who can take this as an impersonator of the famous Hollywood actor. Was passing will leave a sort of presentation of the testimonial. But the second spot? The ad below has a poignant story. George is in a manhole near the Colosseum a lady asks that we face in the gutter and he praised all the answers, "is the future" follows the comic gags ladies wear away from the traffic policeman does not believe the story of the manhole. That means that this poor guy went from drinking caffeine to go to paradise for sewers? One imagines a future of flying machines to the maximum of ground, unless you have no plans for future political strategy of the new millennium that is trying to pass off as a crazy woman who tells the truth. However I know people to whom I have deep respect that they laughed looking at him. That lost me a bit 'estimation in people but I still think it's a stunt like Julia Roberts in the spot Lavazza. I have a problem when I want to do this job when I see a spot I always imagine the meeting, the creative, the customer who speak and enhance and decide "So we had this vision, an idea put Clooney in the sewer comes and says," is the future "and they all give me Ooooooh this is a very exciting bit 'as in the spot of Miss Evelyn .


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