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Meet Luciana Pericci

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GROSSETO 02/03/2009 - As part of the school project and volunteering in Tuscany 2008-2009, sponsored by the National Centre for volunteering, in collaboration with the regional school and office Cesvot, the class IA and III to address social services attended the meeting with the president of the Province of Grosseto UIC (Union of Italian blind and visually impaired), held a few days ago in the laboratory of social services via Brigades. Accompanied by two young men in service at the association, located in Viale F. Ferrucci, 5, and the presence of teachers and Aldo Scotto Emilia Maiorano, Mrs. Luciana Pericci explained to children the main purpose of the UIC, which was founded in 1920 in order to represent and uphold the moral and material interests of the blind: the full implementation of human rights, civil and social rights of their blind equality and social and civil integration. Numerous activities sponsored by the association: cultural accessibility and land through the removal of architectural barriers and sensory, voice recording and text books, support of school and provision of tools and aids tiflotecnici (talking watches, and punches for tablets Braille, dattilobraille, voice synthesizers and braille printers for bar computers), support and home care for the elderly blind and their families, escort service members, counseling of various types. But what's really involved, and raised listening, empathy and attention by students have been great communication skills and relationships, humor and irony and the office of the deep humanity of Luciana Pericci. Even through the telling of his personal experiences of living and some autobiographical episode, sometimes dramatic and painful, funny and entertaining, and with the help of some support for teaching or simple objects, such as her cell phone talking, Luciana Pericci succeeded in the difficult enterprise of carrying in his world, only seems dark and without color, boys and girls present.

1996-2009 URP Service Program (PHP Marco Sorresina) - Grosseto Province
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