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The "Bottequa" of fair trade

01/22/2009 19:27

Under the School Project and Volunteer in Tuscany 2008-2009, sponsored by the National Center for Voluntary Service, in collaboration with the Regional Education Office and Cesvot , the class III to address social services, participated in an activity chosen for "Stop and go." The objective was to raise awareness of the guys on the problem of economic and social imbalances between North and South and bring them to a more sober and responsible consumption, which respects the rights of others. On 12 January the students met in class one of the volunteers of the "ex aequo" who runs a shop World in Grosseto, where they practice fair trade. The principles and criteria of fair trade - united as a form of exchange with the production realities of the Third World, except that of the traditional market, were presented to children not in the abstract and verbal, but through a role-playing game and a simulation of a 'economic activity, in order to involve more active participation. The meeting in the school has had its natural continuation in the visit to "The Bottequa", where an operator 's association has rebuilt a brief history of fair trade in Tuscany (by far the marketing of coffee at birth in 1990 of the first central import CTM - Cooperation Third World, to the more than twenty active today in fair trade shops) and brought the boys in marketing products in the store. During the visit, the boys have got to realize not only the now great diversity of products (baskets, bamboo furniture, textiles, colored and unusually shaped objects, fragrant spices, chocolate, coffee, sugar, toys, tools music, jeans ...) but also to receive information on countries of origin of goods and the transparency of prices of goods (transport costs, import, taxes ...). After the tour, after a tasting of chocolates kindly offered by managers of "Bottequa", and after a little shopping, the boys were given some information materials and a summary on the principles of fair trade: fair price, full dignity of labor, democracy, trade union minimum wage, no child labor, environmental sustainability, social solidarity and transparency of products and their prices. Edited by Aldo Maiorano


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