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training on violence against women

23/11/2008 12:26

on 20 and 21 November 2008 at the Hotel - Convention Centre Fattoria La Principina locations Principina Earth (Gr), two students of III A of 'address for social workers, and Zenobi Ilaria Bianchini Veronica, accompanied by Aldo Maiorano, referring teacher' s 2008-2009 as the Provincial Board of Students, Campus participated in the training on violence against women in accordance with the methodology of Life Skills - Peer Education. The course was organized - in connection with efforts to the celebration of the November 25, declared by the 'UN International Day against Violence on Women - by the Provincial Council in collaboration with the' UOC Education and Health Promotion of the ASL 9 di Grosseto, under the patronage of 'the Provincial Education Office, and addressed In particular, the members and contacts of the Provincial Council of Students. The course was inaugurated by the President of the Provincial Council and Massimo Borghi Doretti Victoria 's UOC Education and Health Promotion, and took the' start, after the greetings of the Prefect and the Captain Colonel of the Carabinieri di Grosseto students, with a focus group, organized on the mutual exchange of personal and professional experiences, preceded by the contributions made by Dr. Gabriella Lepri Center Anti-Violence Olympe de Gouges and a slide show of the Medical Director Victoria Doretti, who explained, with some statistics on global and national levels, the phenomenon is particularly alarming and widespread violence physical, sexual and psychological violence against women. Giovanna Laccone, coordinator of the staff of the referring teacher, explained the rules of the campus and organized various activities: group work, role playing, simulations and activations to Peer - Education. In the afternoon there was the Theatre Workshop of Animation and Game Sai recognize Bluebeard, in collaboration with the Accademia Amiata Changes, with the participation Giorgio Zorcù director and actress Sara Donzelli and was shown a video about the relationship between love and violence. Many of the topics addressed and discussed in group work: violence against women, the relationship between violence and anger / frustration / helplessness and power-seeking, the concept of femininity and female gender identity and male, with acute and in-depth reflections processed by children at different stages of labor. On 22 November were taken up the themes discussed in the previous day, with particular reference to the themes of love and daily practices of relationships, questioning the dire consequences of distorted and stereotyped emotional relationships between men and women. Work will culminated in the 'exhibition by young people, some guidelines and suggestions on the specific issue of gender violence in order to facilitate the work of peer educators, within individual schools.

Edited by Aldo Maiorano


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