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A meeting with the AIDO

03/18/2009 22:26
On 7 March, as part of the School Project and Volunteer in Tuscany from 2008 to 2009, was held the second meeting of class II A and III A of 'address for social services with AIDO - Italian Association for Organ Donation tissues and cells Onlus. At the headquarters of Via Partisan Brigades, Dr Paola Barabesi presented to the boys dr. Roberto Madonna, Director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care 's Hospital of Grosseto, who, in answer to the doubts and questions raised by boys, has investigated a number of issues in medical and science, focusing on the meaning of death and concepts of brain death and cardiac death or permanent brain death. The determination of the latter, by a team of doctors, is attested and certified only if the cessation of all brain activity is irreversible for a total observation period of not less than six hours. Only in this case, and in the presence of an explicit declaration of intention to donate, you can perform organ transplants. "Donors of organs - said to the boys dr. Madonna - may be people of any age who die in hospital in intensive care units due to irreversible injury to the brain and organs which, after careful and thorough assessment of doctors, are considered suitable for transplantation. "Unlike organs, tissues, such as the horny, may be harvested after cardiac death of the subject. 's interesting but challenging discussion on the terms and concepts of Cardiocentro encefalocentrismo and was, therefore, the focus of which is then followed by an account of some personal experiences of children and the same Paola Barabesi. At the end of the lecture-discussions, the students and teachers and Oliver Rose Aldo Maiorano, were offered some gadgets AIDO and give some operational guidelines to two students about to perform an internship at the Association.

A Edited by Aldo Maiorano


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