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Poems about and for peace

For a competition for unpublished poems on the Pro Loco of peace Cologno Monzese
(September 2005)


Peace is the power of nonviolence, good will
, armed
of burning patience.
Love of Justice,
hates arrogance, peace is not

cowardly acquiescence.
is not cowardice, sloth or indifference
is alert and active presence.
not mute and helpless resignation
has the tenacity and temperament
rejects terror and war is the home of all

throughout the world.

Cologno, September 6, 2005


Yes, we are, pacifists,
we are the beautiful souls, manufacturers
heads and hearts, brothers and sisters.
do not like war, nor peace
hypocritical and cowardly.
Terrorism is repugnant to us, we
eyes of starlight.
Yes, yes, we are the dreamers
pessimistic with the mind, but
optimistic hearts.
Yes, yes, we are naive and deluded:
but we're not dead souls,
we are not colluding.

February 15, 2003

Roma, Piazza San Giovanni,
February 15:
the heart of Italy is not warmongering.
Thousands of faces and bodies of people
have said no to war,
not in their name.
Thousands of eyes, feet and hands
gave voice to peace,
hope for tomorrow. A sea of \u200b\u200bmulticolored flags

under a sky painted blue:
as incest, war,
one day become taboo!

Aldo Maiorano


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