Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dialysis& Beautyshop Combined Locations

the Maremma

the Maremma Codest dedicate my sonnet.
These spaces are open, still deserted.
At this spell that confuses my heart in my chest.
These sweet and wild landscapes, endless.

In these mountains, these hills, fields and sea,
these twisted olive trees, green and silver,
these logs abandoned in the sunlight,
this wind, the moon, the firmament.

Maremma, you're beautiful and sweet, rough and steep,
away from you I could never stay,
thrown me in your arms now Sorte.

Maremma, land of swamps were bloody and bitter
Queen of malaria by the smell of death,
six hours, one of the last pearls among the most expensive to me.

Alberese April 2009


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