Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scoreland Com Lorna Morgan

"What does not regenerate, it degenerates" (Edgar Morin) Sonnet

An old letter, published in L'Unità, 15 July 1992 under the title "Eleven Berlinguer years ago spoke of the crisis of political parties. " I'm past seventeen other ...!

"The parties are no longer policy. Have degenerated and that is the source of the ills of Italy ... The parties of today are mainly machinery and power score: poor or mystified knowledge of life and the problems of society, people, ideas, ideals, programs, or a few vague , feelings and passion civil zero. Operating interest, the most diverse, the most contradictory, sometimes even sinister, however, no relation to the emerging needs and human needs, or distort them, without seeking the common good. Their organizational structure was now aligned on this model are no longer the organizers of the people, formations that promote the maturation of civil initiative: federations are quite current, cliques, each with a "boss" and "sub-boss." The parties have occupied the state and all its institutions ... In short, everything is already divided up and score or you would like to carve up and share. And the result is dramatic ... "
are the words of Enrico Berlinguer, taken from historical un'ormai interview with Eugene Scalar 28 July 1981. With extraordinary foresight, more than 10 years ago, Berlinguer outlined the main features of the Italian crisis: the degeneration of parties, employment and division of the State, the moral question as the first national issue. Today, after eleven years, the Italian crisis, political, institutional and moral, is even more dramatic and serious and threatens to undermine the very foundations of democracy in our country. Because those words fell on deaf ears Berlinguer? Because even the PCI - PDS became grasp with his hands in the cookie jar, as shown in Milan the scandalous story of Tangentopoli? If you do not respond quickly to such questions, if not dealing with a deep critical reflection and self-criticism over the last decade, if not we understand that the "reconstruction of public morality is now" - as written by Stephen Rodotà fine book in the preface to Barbacetto and Veltri, Milan scandals, Laterza - "the richest of the largest political programs and reforms, the fate of the PDS will be seriously compromised.
Aldo Maiorano


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