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Volunteering and citizenship Campus active

16/01/2009 08:43 Wednesday, December 3, 2008 in the Aula Magna of the Professional Institute "Luigi Einaudi" di Piazza De Maria, was held the first of three meetings for classes 's address Social Services. The initiative was organized by teachers and Scott Emilia Aldo Maiorano, with the aim of making known students' associations, voluntary bodies and social structures in the area. The other two meetings took place on 12 and 17 December, in collaboration with the "cohesive", a special consortium created to manage the social assistance services, health and social integration of social policies. At the first meeting attended classes I, II, III of the course for social workers and IV and V of the course for technical and social services (about 60 students enrolled in courses for children and adults). The activities were numerous and articulate: the experts' reports, videos on activities carried out by children in summer camps "Summer in action" and "Stage of Solidarity", discussing students with the concepts of volunteerism and active citizenship. The meetings have stimulated critical reflection on key knowledge, skills and abilities necessary social and technical operator of social services in their professional lives. It was also shown and commented on a movie, created by Professor Scott, on the curricular and extra-curricular activities in these first two years in classes for children address social: the Project on ClownTerapia culminated in the meeting with Catherine in Grosseto Bellandi, until the most recent activities organized in the new Laboratory of Social Services, housed in via Partisan Brigades.
The initiatives have also responded Secretary of the Pro Loco "Alborensis" Alberese Massimo Chiappa, who explained the purpose of such Pro Loco associations on a voluntary basis by private, non-political and non-profit, but with relevance and purpose of public awareness, protection, enhancement , use, preservation and promotion of the reality and potential tourism, nature, cultural, artistic, historical, social and culinary territory. The Pro Loco Alborensis, constituted under the chairmanship of Luca Varaglioti at the end of 2004 and 2005 associated all'UNPLI (Unione Nazionale Pro Loco d'Italy) is an association that relies on a decisive and dominant performance of staff, volunteers and free of its members and carries out voluntary work independently and / or in collaboration with the City Council and other associations and public and private institutions. After having reconstructed the history and summary, with the help of images and photographs taken from the new website www.prolocoalborensis.it, the initiatives carried out during the 'year, Massimo Chiappi focused on the various activities of the Pro Loco and above on 'inauguration of the new structure of info-point, set up in the square Alberese. For all participants' meeting have been dealt some cards on the history of explanatory Alberese and its region and aims of the Pro Loco. The meeting ended after a brief debate with the screening of a video, directed by Francesco Falaschi, the Regional Park of Maremma.

Edited by Aldo Maiorano


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