Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Letter on The Return of the osprey in the Maremma Park

Alberese at the foot of Uccellina and a few dozen yards from the Maremma Regional Park, was held on the evening of August 4, 2009, a real, small but significant event. In the first summer festival of cinema in Piazza all'Alberese, organized by Pro Loco Alborensis, entitled "Among the pines and plane trees, under the moon and the stars" and the presence of an audience very large and very attentive and concerned, were shown two video documentaries on the Project "The Return of the Osprey in the Park of Maremma. Currently in its fourth year of operation of business, but started back in 2002, through international cooperation between experts of the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse - Parcu of Corsica, one of the strongholds of this fragile species in the Mediterranean, and the Regional Park of Maremma, in the figures of its president, Giampiero Sammuri of Scientific Director, Andrea Efforts and Agents Supervisory Board, the Project continues its slow and patient way with success. The basic objective, certainly one of the most significant and innovative in the world of protected areas in Italy, is to restore a breeding population of ospreys in the Maremma Park and numerous wetlands of Tuscany. The return of this fragile species will lead to extinction in Italy because of the change and habitat destruction, the use of pesticides and water pollution, the levy for commercial purposes or the egg collection, poaching and its direct persecution in the 50's and 60's In fact, of fundamental importance for the recovery of the food pyramid complex of aquatic ecosystems, of which the Osprey is the pinnacle. The area selected for the release of some young specimens taken from Corsica, on the basis of appropriate criteria for environmental soundness and security of the territory, is the mouth of the river and marsh Ombrone trap, a system characterized by shallow water and wet rich fish. In the two videos - with images of rare and charming beauty of wild and rugged cliffs of the Réserve Naturelle de Scandola and cliffs of the Park of Maremma, at Talamone - were shown the various stages of the project and described the biology of this beautiful and fascinating predator of large migratory bird of prey that has developed unique morphological adaptations for catching fish, its only prey, caught by diving spectacular with its strong hooked claws, amid numerous sprays and vigorous beating of wings. At present
and liven up the evening, attended in person the President of the Regional Park of Maremma and Giampiero Federparchi Sammuri - with a brief speech in the screening of a video the other - the film director Federico Santini, researchers Roman Flavio Monti, the drafter of a specific thesis about osprey and made responsible for monitoring and observation of the field of osprey chicks , Gianfranco Martini was the rangers, assisted by Giuseppe Anselmi, and author of the second video shown himself in the evening. The audience really appreciated the initiative, convinced with applause at the end of each screening and participating in final debate with a few quick questions and requests for further explanation. The Pro Loco Alborensis, pleased to have hosted with great success, just Alberese - heart and gateway Park of Maremma - the event, it is increasingly convinced of the importance and need for better awareness and disseminating to the public the research activities and projects of the Park. In fact, only a more conscious and active involvement of residents and tourists can contribute to the maintenance of a territory that, for the quality of its rocky coastline and its precious wetlands, we hope to return again to host the permanent breeding site of Balbuzard Pêcheur or Pandone haliaetus (this is the scientific name of the osprey), its evolution in flight and its dramatic plunge into the water.

Aldo Maiorano


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